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What are awareness events?


Events that make communities aware of people who are in recovery and all the great things they are capable of.  Better Life in Recovery does public forums, documentary screenings followed by panel discussions, public service announcements, 5K/10K runs, awareness walks, media interviews, state and city proclamations, and live presentations to schools, colleges, organizations and conferences.


What are community service projects?


Events that are engaged by people in recovery and those who support them to improve the quality of the communities they live in.  Better Life in Recovery partners with school districts to paint playgrounds and clean up school grounds.  They also hold educational and informative events in communities who are struggling with multigenerational addiction epidemics.  Lastly, they hold river clean-ups and assemblies at schools and in communities about the dangers of addiction, the benefits of abstinence and the wonders of recovery.


What are education events?


Events staged to inform and educate communities, groups and individuals on the truth about substance use and mental health disorders.  They are held to explain what recovery is and all the great things people in long-term recovery are capable of.  Better Life in Recovery screens documentaries followed by panel discussions, holds presentations discussing ways to reduce stigma and discuss how people in recovery can better represent themselves in communities, inspirational/informative presentations, public service announcements and media interviews.


What places would benefit from Better Life in Recovery?


Schools, colleges, churches, probation offices, jails, prisons, conferences, shelters, recovery support meetings, town hall meetings, small groups, nonprofit organizations, public forums, city, state and federal organizations can benefit from Better Life in Recovery.


What is recovery?


The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) defines recovery as a process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live self-directed lives and strive to reach their full potential.  Recovery is built on access to evidence-based clinical treatment and recovery support services for all populations. Learn more about SAMHSA’s Working Definition of Recovery — 2012.


Can addiction be cured?


There is no cure for addiction, but it can be managed.  There are currently 23.5 million Americans living in long-term recovery from drug and alcohol addictions.


Where is the nearest Better Life in Recovery Treatment Center?


Although Better Life in Recovery is not a treatment provider, we can recommend treatment providers if you contact us.


Where is the nearest Better Life in Recovery support meeting?


There are several support meetings at the Springfield Recovery Community Center for every need and recovery path.  We can also refer you to meetings in your area.  Here are links to search for meetings near you:


Alcoholic’s Anonymous


Narcotic’s Anonymous


Celebrate Recovery




Smart Recovery


Families Anonymous



Does Better Life in Recovery believe there is only one way to recovery?


No, Better Life in Recovery believes people can and do recover.  Since no two people are alike, there are many paths that people take to achieve and maintain their recovery.


Do I have to be in recovery to get involved?


No, with 23.5 million people in long-term recovery and over 20 million more struggling with a substance use disorder, practically everyone has cared about someone either in addiction or recovery.


How can I get involved?


Better Life in Recovery needs volunteers, board members, advocates, event sponsors and people to donate time, goods and services.  There are many ways to help by sponsoring a screening, hosting a public forum, talking to your school or college about having a Better Life in Recovery presentation.  You may also want to work with Better Life in Recovery to put on a 5K recovery run or a recovery awareness walk.

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