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Welcome to the

Better Life in Recovery Podcast

We are #HopeDealers. This podcast is about everything related to recovery and substance use disorders. You have questions. We have answers.

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Get David's new book:

Hope Dealer

From dope dealer to Hope Dealer...

Author and noted recovery speaker, David Stoecker tells his gripping true-life story of the trauma and tragedy that lead him on a destructive path of addiction before finding a better life in recovery.

Enduring a childhood ravaged by abandonment, abuse, molestation, brutal beatings, rape, rejection, and neglect, David spent decades drowning in addiction in an attempt to escape his turbulent past. Full of self-hatred and despair, he sought to end his life.

In this raw and radically transformative story, David Stoecker candidly shares his past while inspiring others with a bold future. His journey from a violent, drug, sex, and alcohol-addicted former drug dealer and prisoner, to a community leader and recovery activist, proves that no one is beyond hope.

Teaching others that they, too, can have a better life in recovery is David's passion. This book is part memoir, part manual as he shares the steps to help you thrive as a future hope dealer. Overcoming trauma, abuse, addiction, and loss are key themes in David's life and platform as he reaches all those who have ever struggled with substance use or have loved someone in the clutches of addiction.

In this book you will discover:

  • How to evolve from the victim or survivor role, becoming an active thriver.

  • Strategies to rewire your brain and implement recovery success.

  • How the trauma of your past, when healed, can enhance your future, allowing you too to join the #hopedealer movement.

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