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Recovery is possible and recovery is for you

We believe that addiction is a chronic disease.  It's essential individuals who have a substance use disorder seek out treatment and support to obtain long-term recovery.  We believe that people can and do recover and go on to live productive lives.

Better Life in Recovery provides recovery support, opportunities for you to connect to others in recovery in a safe and fun environment and provides opportunities for you to make a positive impact on your community.

I need to know that recovery is possible.

Check out our #HopeDealer stories

I am looking for recovery support.

Check out the Springfield Recovery Community Center (your local resource for recovery support)

I am looking for events where I can connect to others in recovery

Check out our events page

I am looking for treatment, housing or other resources.

We do not provide housing or treatment directly but we can recommend the following resources:
Missouri Recovery Network | Statewide Voice of Recovery
Missouri Coalition for Community Behavioral Healthcare  
Missouri Coalition of Recovery Support Providers

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