Community Service
Community Service

This is what recovery looks like
This is what recovery looks like

Your local recovery resource
Your local recovery resource

Community Service
Community Service


Who We Are

We are individuals in long-term recovery and allies who believe that recovery is possible.  We know that people recover and go on to live productive lives.  We celebrate those in long-term recovery and offer hope to those living with substance use and other mental health issues that there is a Better Life in Recovery.

What We Do

  • We provide volunteer opportunities within the community.

  • We advocate for laws that support treatment and recovery.

  • We celebrate those in recovery.

  • We share our own stories of recovery to instill hope that people can and do recover and live productive lives.

  • We provide educational presentations about substance use and other mental health issues.

  • We hold awareness events that celebrate recovery and the benefits it offers.

  • We provide sober family-friendly social events that promote having a Better Life in Recovery.

How You Can Help

  • Become one of our many volunteers for our recovery community center or our community service projects.

  • Tell your coomunity about Better Life in Recovery and how we are dealing hope and fostering dignity for those who struggle with substance use and mental health issues.

  • Help us organize events.

  • Become a financial donor or sponsor for an event.

  • Become part of our board of directors.

  • Share your story of recovery with us.

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We are proud to be a founding partner of the Springfield Recovery Community Center

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