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Richard #HopeDealer

My name is Richard Cunningham and I am in long-term recovery. What that means for me is I have not used alcohol or other drugs since June 23rd ,2016 and because of that, I can have a relationship now. Not a significant other relationship. But father, Brother, Son, plus most importantly with GOD.

I started using substances at age 14 and my drug of choice became Meth at age 25

What made me realize I had a problem? ( S.P.D) LOL/ Later on in my addiction it was my loved ones. But then eventually the judicial system through gang affiliation and Drug activity.

What helped most in my recovery was changing my playground is what did it for me and god (not realizing it at the time but did later) coming into my life and taking it in a whole other direction beyond any and all expectations.

Because of recovery, I have a life today. Today and each day to come god has brought me above all my struggles and has allowed me the privilege of once again being a father, brother, and son of God.

To maintain in my recovery, I’m trusting in God and letting him mold me into the man that he sees fit. (Point Blank and Period).

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