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Jerry #HopeDealer

My name is Jerry and I am in long-term recovery. What that means for me is I have not used alcohol or other drugs since March, 22, 2012 and because of that, I started going to church and volunteering at church and higher grounds.

My first drug I ever used was Pot but eventually progressed to Meth.

II knew I had a problem with drugs when my home got raided.

I turned to treatment to get help me get started on my road to recovery. Recovery has changed my life. Because I'm not using and I've found God, my life is so good now. To maintain my recovery I go to meetings and participate in the pro-social activities that Better Life in Recovery offers like the floats and camp outs.

Treatment and Meetings are the biggest tools that got me started in recovery and I can not imagine having a better life than what I have now.

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