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#HopeDealer Michael

I'm Michael and I'm in long term recovery. I am celebrating 8 years in October of being free from controlling substances.

My use began really to try and fit in with the crowd. This is how a lot of people begin their use. We want to fit in and feel like we belong.

I knew I needed recovery when I hit rock bottom and that is when I found Jesus Christ.

Before I found recovery, my life was a train wreck! I was hopeless, homeless, lost, broken, in jails, prisons, institutions.

Now that I have found a better life in recovery, my life is restored! I work in full time ministry. I have a solid foundation. I have found clarity of mind, a hope, and a purpose.

The benefits of recovery that I have found in my life are a support system, mentors, living life on life’s terms! Acceptance! Community! Purpose!

I have found a better life in recovery, and you can too!


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